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Mixtroz Mother-Daughter Startup Team Shares Top 5 Things To Consider To Successfully Work With Family


Mixtroz Mother-Daughter Startup Team Shares Top 5 Things To Consider To Successfully Work With Family


BIRMINGHAM, Ala.,- Mother’s Day is a very special occasion for Mixtroz, a software company that created an app-based tool to foster face-to-face networking at events. Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons are not just the founders of Mixtroz and business partners, but they are also mother and daughter.

Kerry used to be a high-level HR executive for Fortune 500 companies, and Ashlee was a successful event producer in New York City. They both dropped their secure and lucrative careers to embark on a risky and uncertain startup journey by founding a tech company, all without having any formal tech experience. Having been in business together for four years, they have experienced peaks and valleys both in their professional and personal relationships, which has only made them stronger.

Here are the top 5 things to consider for anyone thinking about going into business with their mother or another family member:

Mutual Respect
It should go without saying for any business partnership, but being mindful and showing respect may be harder when you’ve known the other person all your life. Too much familiarity can be a challenge and bring up underlying familial issues that have nothing to do with the business. It’s imperative to be professional and treat each other with the same level of respect you would someone who is unrelated.

Kerry and Ashlee work together and during most weeks live together as well, which results in a lot of time spent together. When it gets to be too much, they have a code phrase they use to break the tension and signal that the conversation is suspended and if necessary will resume at a later time. Clearly defining roles and personal limits is a must when working with your own kin.

In a partnership with a loved one, candor may seem an obvious factor, but can be daunting especially when things don’t go well. Entrepreneurs hate to show weakness to themselves or to others – and even more to family members they are in business with. Being able to celebrate successes and overcome failures together and having frank conversations without getting overly emotional is key.

Family Comes First
When you’re building a business it can be all-consuming. And when you’re building a business with your mom, the rest of the family may feel left out. Making time for dad and siblings/kids to make them feel included will be hard with a hectic schedule but they are your biggest cheerleaders. Be sure to make time to create memories.

Health is Everything
Struggles with breast cancer and depression respectively during the early days of their startup have taught Kerry and Ashlee this lesson. It is not easy to prioritze being and staying healthy when you are in a frenzy to get your startup off the ground, but life has a way of reigning you in. Health truly is everything – make self-care a priority and never skip your medical check-ups, it could save your life.

About Mixtroz
Currently headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., and founded in 2015 by mother-daughter duo Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons, Mixtroz is a tech startup that creates community anywhere 50 or more people are gathered using the power of technology coupled with face-to-face engagement. Learn more about the company, its founders, and watch how Mixtroz works in 60 seconds here.

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