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California Cling Peaches: Affordable Nutrition in Every Package


California Cling Peaches: Affordable Nutrition in Every Package

GTP Staff

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 6, 2019,- The growers of California Cling Peaches are reminding consumers and nutrition professionals that California Cling Peaches in cans, jars and plastic cups have the same or better nutrition than fresh, according to studies by Oregon State University and Michigan State University. Canned California Cling Peaches also contain less sugar per serving of fruit than other choices and deliver more nutrients for less money than fresh and frozen peaches.

California Canned Cling Peaches Deliver More Nutrients For Less Money

Helping Consumers Choose Better, Eat Smarter

By spreading the word of these little-known facts and surprising benefits, the California Cling Peach Board hopes to help U.S. consumers make healthier food choices. According to fourth generation Cling peach grower and PR Committee Chair, Anthony Laney, persuading consumers to change their long-held beliefs and behaviors is the key to ending America’s obesity epidemic.

“Other contributing issues include low affordability and availability of fresh fruit options for many Americans,” Laney said. “We’re not knocking fresh fruit. But we are saying look at the alternatives because, in the case of canned California Cling Peaches, they’re just as nutritious, more economical than fresh and are available all year long.”

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